Flower Trails 2021

This year Flower Trials will not take place officially.

However, a part of our assortment and also new introductions will be displayed in week 24 in our new greenhouses in Woudrichem. We would be pleased to show them to all of you who are interested in viewing them.

Please note, that there will be no special event or catering service at our location. 

To be able to do our best to keep everyone safe, we kindly ask you to let us know upfront which days and what time would be more suitable for you to visit us. Based on this information we can spread the number of people over the days. 

Please notify us about your intention of visit with your day of preference and time indication by sending an email to Rozemieke Schneider – Verver: rozemieke@schneiderbv.nl .

A video with the new introductions of this year will be available soon!