Help us to recycle!

Help us to recycle!

Dear partners and customers,

We would like to inform you that we have started to produce our young plants in our new 288 and 405 trays. These new trays have several advantages comparing to the old ones. Being made of  significantly harder plastic, they are more shockproof , which practically means they are less breakable during handling and transport.  In the same time, they are perfectly suitable for automatic transplanting. Several push-up models are also available for the new trays.

With the introduction of these new trays, Schneider takes a step ahead towards sustainability. Therefore we would like to ask all our partners and customers to be so kind and send the used trays back to us, to The Netherlands! With a special process, it is possible to recycle them into new trays and to reuse them again and again, unlimited times. Like this we – including you – save our environment from such a big amount of plastic waste, which actually could be reused for a better purpose.

Think about the environment and join Schneider on its green path, towards a more Earth-friendly future!

Check our accesories related to our trays here.

Did you know that over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the last century? And 50 % of the plastic we use, we use just ONCE and throw away… The yearly wasted plastic is enough to circle the Earth 4 times! And the huge amount of produced plastic is accumulated not just in the oceans but also can be absorbed by the human body….

For more info about plastic waste and reducing the usage of plastic, click here!