Video tutorials

How to assemble and use the push-up table model

Our new push-up table model is suitable for both tray size 288 and 405. The frame is the same for both of them, but the interchangeable mechanism is separate for the different tray sizes. Therefore you have to change the insert part whether you want to use it for trays 288 or 405.


How to load a CC Container

We load CC containers with 100 trays maximum. Below you see a video with a little explanation. This can help you to find the right products in the container.

  • Shelves: we divide the CC container with shelves. 1 customer can have more shelves, but a single shelve has always 1 customer only.
  • Sticker: Each shelve gets an orange sticker mentioning the customer name.
  • Packing list: per order we add a packing list on which we inform the details per shelve.
  • Shelve number: The shelves are numbered from down to the top. If the order fills more than 1 CC container, we start on the next CC container on the bottom with shelve nr 1.

Download here an example of our packing list


Check out how do we use biological control in our nursery

In this video, BASFAgro presents how Schneider youngplants is using Nemasys nematodes to control Sciara and Scatella greenhouse gnats (flies) populations in the nursery.


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